How to Care for Wood Floors...
At the end of every job, I leave
with you not only with a beautiful
clean floor, but also a Floor Care
Folder that leaves you with the
information you need from setting
up your rooms with furniture to
Regular Care.

You will find that taking care of a
wood or laminate floor is an
effortless task. No mopping or
harsh abrasives.

The Floor Care Folder goes on to
help you eliminate Scratches &

Of course I will always be
personally available to answer any
questions you may have about
your floors.

Years of animals and or kids, your floors may
You May want to wax your floors after several
become dull and scratched from traffic. To
eliminate these scratches and protect your
floors for a lifetime, A paste wax can be applied
with instant dry time and no furniture to move,
unlike with refinishing. It is very inexpensive to
have your floors waxed, and by doing so,
waxing  will clean them, make them shine
again, fix those unsightly scratches, and
rejuvenate your floors.
Paul M. Phykitt Hardwood Flooring Inc.
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Paul M. Phykitt Hardwood Flooring Inc.
                                                (302) 475-7009
Before and After waxing