Testing by leading allergists shows that wood
flooring provides homes with a substantially
healthier environment than homes with other types
of flooring.  The National Wood Flooring Association  
in Chesterfield, MO. believes hardwood flooring is
especially beneficial for individuals with asthma and
other respiratory problems. Bacteria, dust and dirt
do not become embedded in wood flooring as they
do in carpeting.  Hardwood floors trap far less
pollen, mites and mold than many flooring
alternatives, and they do not harbor animal dander.  
Indoor-air quality is one of the country's top health
threats, according to the Environmental Protection
Agency (EPA).  An estimated 60-70 million
Americans are affected by house dust, which can
cause itchy eyes, sneezing, rashes, breathing
difficulty and sinus trouble because of trapped
pollens and molds in carpets, upholstery and
curtains.  Not even frequent vacuuming will
eliminate those microscopic troublemakers.  
Hardwood floors can be cleaned more thoroughly
than carpeting, and they have a very durable
surface that is easy to maintain.  When properly
cared for, hardwood floors are extremely resistant
to mildew and other types of problems associated
with carpeting.
Healthy Homes
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