1) The entire refinishing process takes between two and
four days (sometimes more depending on the size of your
floor). The completely dust free sanding procedure is the
first stage of the refinishing and will transform your dull,
worn floor into a fresh, bare wood floor.

2) The next stage is the fine sanding, which will reduce
the roughness of your wood floor and prep it for sealing
and polyurethane.

3) The next stage is to apply the stain of your choice or
staight polyurethane if you like the Natural look.

4) The process to seal your floor consists of either one
coat of Minwax stain and then three coats of our
commercial strong Environmentally safe polyurethane, or
four coats of polyurethane for the natural (no stain) look.  

Our stains and polyurethane are completely safe for
anyone to be around, and your pets are safe too.  You will
Not have to move out of your home. You Will be able to
walk on your floor every day by 3P.M. no matter what
stage we are in.
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